Universal Technology Solutions offers compliant and cost-saving cloud services for all sizes of business. Our cloud-based services offer you a means of preserving your valuable data files under a reliable, dependable, quick and cost-effective alternative via the internet instead of relying upon only the traditional way of data storage.  Some of our cloud services include;


  • Cloud backup as a service: Our cloud backup solutions help to store up your computer files and valuable data on the internet instead of just storing your data on a hard drive which can be risky.
  • Microsoft Office 365: We offer Office 365, a Microsoft Office suite that is web-based. We will deploy the latest desktop version of Microsoft Office suite to your network computers. The suite includes; Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Outlook, Access, Publisher and OneNote.
  • Cloud storage: Universal Technology Solutions will remotely manage, maintain and backup your data by providing you with online cloud storage facilities. Your files can be accessed from the internet whenever and wherever necessary. Some of the benefits of the service include; disaster recovery, cost saving, easy accessibility, and high usability.
  • Virtual Desktops: Empower your employees to work from just about any location you can imagine.
  • Infrastructure as a service: IaaS for Virtual  Data Centers and Virtual Servers. No service is perhaps more synonymous with ‘The Cloud’ than Infrastructure as a Service. For many businesses migrating their servers and data centers is a first step into the cloud with goals of greater scalability and agility, improved uptime, disaster avoidance and recovery, greater security and compliance.
  • Clients for DaaS and VDI: Enhance the value, efficiency and reliability of DaaS with endpoint clients purpose-built to support desktop virtualization. The user experience (including PCoIP) can be realized on a broad range of clients including thin, zero, HTML5 and Mobile.
  • Cisco Meraki: Industry-leading cloud IT managed solutions. Meraki is centrally managed from an intuitive interface and enable customers to reduce operating cost and easy to deploy and implement.